Christopher Swarn
Christopher Swarn # Y54695
Graham Correctional Center
12078 IL Route 185
Hillsboro   IL   62049   USA
Hello my name is Christopher Swarn. I am from East Saint Louis, IL.  I'm 5’8, mixed, 140 lbs. I have brown eyes and candy caramel skin. I'm 19 years old but I feel like an old soul. What I identify myself as an artist who loves to write and make my own music. I also like to play basketball and on my downtime I Like to reflect on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I'm writing this biography in the hopes of needing a life long friend and if God willins maybe something much more. I also want whoever is reading this, that 2 years ago I made a terrible mistake which I am truly sorry for. I also believe that God doesn't make mistakes and I am where I am for a reason.

My out date of right now is September 2031 but with good time I could be out in 2027. I pray that God guides my life in the direction that I proceed to go. While here in prison I will be taking the opportunity to get my diploma and receive a college education. Where I am from in East St Louis there's never has been much opportunity to receive an education due to high gang violence and drug drug activity. Due to that activity I was shot at the age 16. I almost died but by the grace of God I'm still alive.

I look forward to hearing from whoever my story resonates with and who's looking to share their heart and experiences with someone like me who hasn't had many experiences.

What I came to realize about the mystery of life is that it's not some problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced and I pray that you write me back to experience with me.

Thank you and God bless.

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African American, Caucasian
Home Invasion
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