Hailey Vallier
Hi! I'm Hailey, 29, and I'm searching for a good-natured woman. I'm smart, clean, funny, upbeat, a good listener, and currently single! I accept emails via the JPay Mobile App and my earliest release is scheduled for 7/22/21 without supervision. I'm the real deal so please write/email me!

Quick rundown:

I was raised in a good family and my current incarceration does not define who I am. I am authentic and genuine, so I'm searching for the real connection. I'm in a low-custody environment where its laid back and close to home. My current placement doesn't really define the term "prison", however, I describe it as a "waiting area" right off the side of the road. I have a lot of freedom here, and I'll be released relatively soon. I also have a nice future ahead of me. I do have an Android tablet so that does mean I accept JPay emails, as its more convenient, faster, and cheaper than hand-writing letters, however, any method of correspondence is fine with me!

About my situation:

I received a 5 year sentence, which is really only 4 years and 3 months, because I had a beautiful daughter with her mother at a time when she was under the age of 18 (15), and I was, of course, much younger then (22). Its a sorrowful plight. Her family has always been supportive over me and they have vouched for our relationship and our daughter. Nobody pressed charges, however, the State ordered a paternity test. I could've been released a long time ago, but I would've had probation. I didn't want the probation so here I am. We're not together anymore, because she has since had two more children with two different men in the course of three years. Nevertheless, I'm seeking an expunction of my record upon my release.

What I'm searching for:

I'm searching for a nice, honest, and intelligent woman who will be willing to commit and speak to me from their heart. I haven't been in touch with social media, so this is a good way for me to begin hoping for someone before my release. Depending on how well the situation goes, I'm looking forward to eventually meeting somebody and embarking on an extraordinary relationship in the future. I don't accept fake identities, and I will eventually request photos. If impassioned, then phone calls, visitation, and video visitation may possibly be appropriate for the future. I will not accept correspondence with men or fake identities, so don't even try!

I'm anticipating for what may come along! I'm a respectful, honest person at heart who became entangled in an unfortunate situation. I appear as anyone else in the world, but behind a "fence", and, in my opinion, that's really the only difference there is. I desire a woman who will understand me. Thank you for your time, effort, and patience! =) <3


Hailey Vallier # Y-51633
Hardee Correctional Institution
6901 Florida 62
Bowling Green, FL 33834 USA

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