Brandon LaPradd
Brandon LaPradd # Y50197
Jacksonville Correctional Center
2268 E Morton Avenue
Jacksonville   IL   62650   USA
My name is Brandon but everyone calls me Irish. I'm from Aurora, Illinois and currently doing three years for Agg Battery and retail theft.

In the outside world I'm a CNC machinist by trade but also educated in plumbing, electrical and welding. I have a high school diploma and a year of college under my belt.  I'm 5’ 10, 190 lbs. with blond hair and blue eyes.

To pass the time  here I have a job as a commissary worker. I'm attending school and of course I work out to stay in shape. I'm as loyal as they come, hard to find people like me these days and honest as the day is long. If you have questions all you have to do is ask and I'm going to keep it 100%, no matter if it hurts your heart or soothes your soul. I'm the same person everyday and I don't alter who I am for any reason.

My birthday is in March which makes me a Pisces. If I was asked what I'm looking for through this site my response would be… a real connection, someone who is slow to judge and quick to listen and understands that we all make mistakes. A woman who has herself together and knows what she wants in life and is looking for that same connection that I'm looking for.

My question would be. Are you up for a challenge? Do you think you can match my standards? What is it you're looking for that would help you decide whether or not to take a chance and invest your time in me?

I hope by you reading this I haven't wasted anyone's time and it provided a little insight on who I am and what it is I'm looking for and if you still have questions drop me a line and let's get acquainted.

*To connect me through text messages simply go to GLT/connectnetwork it will ask for a name and DC# once the account is set up you want to put my last name LaPradd DC# Y50197.

Just follow info on link should be self explanatory.

Brandon LaPradd
DC# Y50197

Ad Start: 11-03-2022
Ad Expiration:  11-03-2023
Aggravated Battery, Retail Theft
Release Date