Keith Young III
Keith Young III # Y46863
Hill Correctional Center
P O Box 1700
Galesburg   IL   61401   USA
Hey! What's up, my name is Keith but close friends call me Luh Reece.

10 words to describe me: Introvert, nonchalant, confident, smart, handsome (just look at me), audacious, loyal, caring, authentic and very athletic. A few things about me are during my free time I play chess, read knowledgeable books, play basketball, strengthen my bond with my family and pursue excellence on every level. I'm at a point where I'm trying to elevate and grow and become a better me.

I've been cutting off loose ends in my life. Anything that's holding me back from reaching and achieving the finer things in life I'm coo off.

So if you don't have plans and goals in life or at least want better, please keep that negative energy with small-minded people. I'm not tryna be rude or nun, I'm just really focused on preserving.

I'm looking to meet a sweet, nice, beautiful, genuine, kind hearted female. Someone who is beautiful on the inside and outside. A woman who can have an open mind and heart to get to know me despite my situation and circumstances.  I'm not perfect just like you're not perfect but let's build each other up and succeed!  Nothing can stop us from reaching the pinnacle of life.

Time, patience, persistence, commitment, consistency and daily application of undying love is the only thing that will get us there.

I'm a very down-to-earth person so do not feel shy or intimidated to hit me up!  Let's build that life long bond we both have been craving.

Trust, loyalty and honesty mean a lot to me. Now, if you're ready to get to know me on a deeper, more intimate level feel free to write And tell me something about you!

You can download the app Connectnetwork and add me on there also for quicker responses. Mail in this facility is behind a week or two!

Ad Start: 10-06-2022
Ad Expiration:  10-06-2023
African American, Caucasian, Hawiian
Attempted Murder, Possession Contraband In Penal Institution
Release Date