Romero Leslie
Romero Leslie # Y43692
Shawnee Correctional Center
6665 State Route 146 East
Vienna   IL   62995    USA
My intro: Falsey Accused, Wrongly Convicted.  Get to know me before you judge me.

My name is Romero Leslie and I enjoy all things positive and fun. I like good company with no drama. I’m fun loving, love music of all kinds, enjoy musicals, amusement theme parks, bodybuilding, swimming, reading bios and like a fundance with a fun friend. I’m also a very funny person who chooses laughter over wasting my day or yours being gloomy. My energy just won't allow it.

I love to travel and have lived in New York City, so I know and have a good taste for people's culture and find the more you know about other people the more it helps you to understand we all pretty much want the same out of life, respect, love and understanding without prejudice.

I’m into camping, exploring the great outdoors, sitting back watching a good movie, cuddling with a warm body, sipping a cool cool drink of Long Island Tea, Daiquiri, wine, etc. and do enjoy attending a church that makes a joyful noise and stir your spirit.

Although life can deal you many obstacles of ups and downs I stand firm and battle through because when it’s all said and done I hold the keys to what I seek out of my life.

I’m a good listener attentive to the one who needs my undivided love and time and seeks the same who feel as I do. I love to work and certified manufacturer but also seek a personal trainer certification.

Well to whom who read my ad I hope you are open minded enough to allow me to tell my truth so that you may gain some clarity and a glimpse of understanding how I got to this unfortunate place in my life and how I will continue to appeal the court decision in this case until this unjust conviction is overturned.

This does not define the person I am.  This system has failed many people unjustly.  Me Too.

I look down on no one unless I'm there to pick you up.
Love, peace and humbleness.
Romero Leslie

African American
Aggravated Crim Sx Ab
Release Date
Ad Start:   05-19-22
Ad Expiration:  08-19-25