Scott Carnell
How to explain myself to someone I have never met. 

Knowing absolutly nothing about them race, sex, age, etc,

I'm incarcerated but that does not define me. However, tells me I need to be open to change. Welcoming to new thoughts and ideas. I definitly strive to remain very open minded and pliable.

In a few years I'll be beginning a completly new life from scratch. Recently I've realized that journey starts now. By building new positive relationships I'll make better decisions in the future.

Currently I don't have anyone in the world friend or more. Over the years my past has faded away. I want a positive gainfull future and that means positive influences. I don't know exactly what or who I'm looking for. I hope by remaining open I won't miss an opportunity to get to know someone truly amazing. I would have to say I'm not interested in negativity.

Understanding also that we all make mistakes. I thrieve everyday to be a better person today and growing from my mistakes. I work out everyday and meditate to improve my physical self. and I work hard to study and educate myself constantly. Unfortunatly in here educaton is harder to attain but I still constructively try to utilize my time.

So one hobby that I have worked hard at is drawing. Progress had been slow but I tend to be fairly hard on myself. Mostly making cards and drawings for others, loved ones. Having someone to give me a personal interest may help me get to the next level. this process is so new to me.

I  know I hear daily about guys who met someone this way. and the feedback appears very positive. So who knows what's to come.

I hope to meet some incredible people.
Scott Carnell  # Y31079
12078 State Route 185  
Hillsboro, IL 62049  USA
Women, Men, Friends
State of Illinois (Possession of Stolen Vehicle) Pending Federal (Conspiracy to Distribute Meth)
Release Date
MSR State 10/28/20 Consecutive Federal Unknown
Ad Start: 10-31-19
Ad Expiration:10-31-20