Lenard Duncan
Today is beautiful, and right now at this moment I am openly reaching out to the world with high hopes of involving myself with a woman that wouldn't mind taking on the challenge of helping me become balanced. .. I speak of challenge because it's going to take a special mind of a woman to dedicate herself to the requirements in-which it would take you us to grow as a team…  

The truth of the matter is, involving yourself with a man that's incarcerated will challenge you in so many ways so in the midst of you helping me become balanced, you must be balanced yourself, not only balanced, you must be balanced, but strong, strong with thick skin because once the N/A get wind of things they will never understand your reason for becoming involved. So therefore they will back your decision bringing you to doubt and rethink all thought, a separation is mean if there was ever a connection…

Look I can't pull you to believe every word I say, but I can ask you to judge me for every word I say. Because I am what I write. And if I'm given an opportunity I promise to show and share all that I am…

The opportunity is now yours. I'm open for what ever you offer. Give it a try.
Lenard Duncan # Y30819
Murphysboro LSRC
636 Elza Brantley Drive
Murphysboro, IL 62996 USA

African American
Possession with Controlled
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