Michael Tolliver
My name's Michael.  

I'm a 22-year-old male from Chicago, Illinois. I'm 6'1" tall, mixed Black & Hispanic. I consider myself talented, intelligent, has a good sense of humor, optimistic, and motivated.

My hobbies are drawing, reading, working out, and looking for new opportunities to grow as an individual and become a well-rounded young man.

Before being incarcerated I was attending college in downtown Chicago and pursuing a business administration degree. I also completed two technical training programs, (shipping & receiving-forklift operations) and( auto mechanics technician) , right after graduating high school with high honors.

I have a good heart, a good sense of humor, a passion for art, and like being social. I'm highly motivated, a reliable person, and considerate of others.

I'm currently in the process of appeal; in fact, I return to court next week to receive less time.:)

I'm looking for a pen pal who can offer their friendship and engage in conversation. A person I could write, or text on a regular basis. In my facility we can text friends and family through GTL connect network, in case a pen pal would like to reach me faster.

Furthermore, I'm Catholic, and my family raised me to be a respectful young man. I'm very family oriented, being the oldest son made me more responsible, built me to be considerate of others, and gave me good qualities like leadership, independent, and gave me a good head on my shoulders

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.
God bless,

Michael Tolliver # Y29869
251 N Illinois Highway 37
Ina, IL 62846 USA

Women, Friends
African American, HIspanic
Aggravated Battery with Firearm
Ad Start:  12-27-18
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