Caleb Cates
My name is Caleb, but most people just call me CJ .

I am looking for someone who just likes to be themselves. Someone who is outgoing, witty and doesn't mind a bit of sarcasm. I am the type of person who even though I'm stuck in jail I always like to look at the positives and everything I do.

I grew up in a rough neighborhood on the west side of Chicago and I use all of my perseverance from growing up in that situation to better myself every way I can.

I like a woman who is never content with her situation and always striving towards a higher goal.

A little bit more about me. I enjoy R&B, working out, and learning new things. My favorite artist has got to be Usher but Nelly and Ginuwine come in a close second. My favorite author is Steven King. I enjoy finding the humor in situations, I'm outgoing and I just keep it real. I speak my mind and I hate people who play games. I'd love to find these qualities in another person. I'm a pretty open guy and you can feel free to ask me anything you like.

I was 17 in the picture I put up. I apologize I have nothing more recent than my mug shot. I'd love to find an interesting person to talk to and maybe form something deeper if the time comes.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.
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2500 Rt 99 South
Mt Sterling, IL 62353 USA
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