Joseph Gunderson
Joseph Gunderson # Y-25944    
Graham Correctional Center
12078 Illinois Route 185    
Hillsboro, IL 62049 USA
Hi, my name's Joseph.

I'm currently 30 years old. I was born an raised in Cook county, IL. Just south of Chicago.

So I know it can be akward reaching out to somebody you've never met before.

I'm a very easy person to talk to so don't feel weird. some things about myself...I love weight lifting, I don't smoke cigarettes, I smile a lot, and I love scary movies. I've lost a lot of people in my life so I know how precious life is. I recently lost my sister so now my only family is my Mom, brother and other sisters. I'm pretty alone in here. I don't speak to many people in the free world.

Anyways I'm the type of guy that will hit the gym for a few hours and get a meat lovers pizza on the way home. Lifes to short not to enjoy the little things. I listen to all types of music. I'm a good man and I know it. I've made mistakes like everybody else, some bigger than others but I'm on a good path now and physically and mentally in a strong place.

So...If you want to connect or have any questions please reach out to me. I'd love to hear from you. And by the way with my good time I'll be home way sooner than 2025.
Armed Robbery
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