Matthew Kelly
I would love for you to  check me out on YouTube, my video is called Do these dishes  2. 

I did this video  7 years ago in 2012, I have on a white T-shirt  & I really hope that I can make you smile at least. I am a gentleman, generous, loyal, faithful, supportive, and I have a sense of humor also, I'm a kindhearted man and at times I can be a little more romantic as yet to be seen. You keep it real with me & I keep it real with you being straightforward. I would love a chance to get to know you better & for you to get to know me for me.

I believe in 2nd chances and I got a 2nd chance at life, very soon I'm free. I'm confident about myself even tho I got a few jitters writing this, so whoever you are that's reading, thank you for taking the time to read. I don't want to waste too much of your time but I'll be waiting for your response from this brief introduction.

"Where They At?"
I want to know who's real & who got my back, I don't know how to feel or how to act, a sit in my cell hoping to mail, I don't know if family doing good or not doing well, I'm sending letters out to family but they don't even notice, when I win this lawsuit then I'll show them that they bogus, I'm calling debit not collect, I'm reaching out just to check, I'm paying for all the calls there's no reason to be upset, I just want to listen to you vent because it's my only choice, I'll never know if it's the last for me to ever hear your voice, to take your frustrations out on me I sit and listen to you speak, I'll understand everything you're saying while I'm being quiet at least, I'm appreciating the time you have talking directly to me, but this only my imagination that only I can see, so I want to know who's real & who got my back the only way to know is find family but I don't know where your at...

"That Type of Guy"
I'm lost in the world stuck in a tight position, waiting for the day to fly away the goals that I fishing, I'm ready to pursue my dreams. I am ready for the mission, I'm looking up at the stars and moon just hoping and I'm wishing, I sometimes ask myself is I'm even worth it, I know I'm only human so course I'm not perfect, I got to be strong I'm going to survive, I'm going to get this job done alone pushing with all the pride, some people told me that I will never make, I'm going to climb to the very top and prove myself that I made it, I was down & out at the very bottom of my low, now I'm high above the sky now everyone seeing me glow, some people thought it I was lion when I said I did believe, I knew in my heart I'll be successful now you see I did achieve, no more will you say I'm nothing no more you will say I'm broke, you believe me when I say to you now that I'm not a joke, I'll never forget the people that stay close right by my side, I'm going to make sure they never struggle cuz I am that type of guy.

"Two Questions"
Although the day I sit & wonder about a possible future between you & me, it's many fantasies play in my head that only, dreams of holding your hand & caressing your beautiful face, pulling you close into my arms as we get lost time & space, it's thoughts like these that keep me going when ever I feel sad or alone I close my eyes trying to get a picture of you until a clear path is received & shown, you feel some type of way alone I feel some type of way apart, you been hurt too many times and I've been hurt with a broken heart, you don't want no kind of drama & yours tired of all the lies, what can I do to prove to you? That I'm different from other guys, you seek for a good man that will only love you for you, I seek for a honest woman cuz all I ever wanted is the truth, my dreams still alive cuz all I see is the both of us, give me a chance to be in your lifeā€¦ Cannot earn your trust?

Matthew Kelly  # Y-25246 
Dixon Correctional Center
2600 N Brinton Avenue 
Dixon, IL 61021  USA
Women, Friends
African American
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