Pol Danilov
Pol Danilov # Y25038
Dixon Correcttional
2600 N Brinton Avenue
Dixon   IL   61021   USA
Hi there, so I was born in the Soviet Union and came to the States when I was 3. I graduated high school and attended one year of University for computer science. Before being arrested, I wrote 15,000+ lines of code for a 3D computer game that I was planning on publishing.

I don’t smoke or drink (except maybe the occasional rare party of new acquaintances). I pretty much keep to myself except for usually one or two close friends and maybe a girlfriend.  I would often stay awake for about 32 hours and sleep for maybe 16, coding on my computer, searching the internet, playing games, watching films, blasting music (over 300 artists on my playlist), and exercising.

I made a major mistake which led me to become incarcerated for a long time, which I can elaborate on through correspondence.  I’m primarily hoping to come in contact with a caucasian/asian/hispanic lady. Correctional facility or any other type of worker is welcome.

I have a few tattoos - about 20 actually. None are jailhouse tattoos and all were done in a professionally licensed shop before I was jailed.

I’m not going to beg for money, visits, or a place to stay. But, I will not lie, any of that would be nice, obviously.  Just having someone cool to exchange letters with sometimes would be appreciated, and help get my mind off the drudgery of my situation.

Thanks for reading and have a nice one.

Ad Start: 02-17-22
Ad Expiration:  02-17-23
Caucasian, Russian
Attempted Murder
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