Barry Bledsoe
Hello, my name is Barry.

I'm a handsome Dominican and Italian man in search of a lady friend. I'm tall with good shoulders, strong arms, an iron chest and stomach, long legs, with lots of tattoos, solid as a rock. I have deep delicious brown eyes with thick dark hair a girl can get her hands into. Good cheekbones, the kind you just want to nibble your way along until you get to my strong sexy mouth and then...

I am loyal, funny, creative, fearless, kind, strong and protective. I love business and making money… Also computers, working out, meditation, fishing, drawing, movies, reading, cooking and much more.

I'm seeking a beautiful woman, with a great personality, and a heart of gold to build a friendship with and possibly more.

I have one year left in jail… You can only write to me on postcards here. Postcards must be no larger than 4.25"X 6" and no smaller than 3.5x4.25". You can send as many postcards as you like. Be sure to include your return address, so I can write you back.

I hope to hear from my lioness real soon, stay righteous and 360 Degrees divine.
Barry Bledsoe # 164053
Lee County Jail
2115 MLK Blvd
Ft Myers, FL 33901 USA

Women, Friends
Dominican, Italian
Assault with Deadly Weapon
07/02/19 Earliest 07/2017
Ad Start:  11-10-16
Ad Expiration: