Jason Smith
Jason Smith # Y18554
Graham - 23-C-9
12078 IL Route 185
Hillsboro   IL   62049   USA
My name is Jason N. Smith. I'm 36 years old. I was born February 22, 1986 in Chicago, Il. My mom and dad moved from Chicago to Southern Illinois at a young age because of high gang activity in our neighborhood. I am a country boy that loves to hunt, fish and be outdoors. My favorite hunting is Arrowhead hunting for Indian artifacts and morel mushroom hunting. What I do for work is work on tow boats pushing barges up and down the Mississippi River.

I am around 5’ 9” tall 200 pounds, muscular and have an athletic build.

My charge is vehicular hijacking. I've been sentenced to 4 years in the ILDOC.  My outdate’ is June 10, 2023.

I am single and have one son (R.L.S.) that I love very much. I'm also a born again Christian who believes in Jesus Christ.

I also like to write short stories for my son. I play guitar and sing, I write my own music, poetry and I'm somewhat a romantic (Cowboy Style). Also I'm in the middle of writing my autobiography called The Struggle.

I'm looking for a friendship and if God is willing then maybe something more serious. I'm an old soul and for some reason my heart is telling me to subscribe to this pen-pal service.

I feel either I'm going to strike up a lifelong friendship or maybe I'll meet my soulmate and the love of my life.

I get out soon and I want to share my testimony with young kids to help them not make the mistakes I've made. People say the best teacher is learning from your own mistakes. I say the best teacher is learning from others' mistakes.

I hope to hear from you and God bless.

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