Lamont A Mimms
Hello beautiful, 

I see fate and destiny have run their course and have brought you to my profile.

Well allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lamont Mimms, I am 27 years old, 6'5", 260 pounds of muscle. I am outgoing, laid-back, ambitious, loyal, understanding, and most importantly respectful. I love empowering my mind reading and learning. I like to travel, workout, play basketball, and listen to music. I'm optimistic and open-minded to the endless sea of possibilities.

I understand that a genuine and sincere friendship is built on trust and communication. A friend is someone who takes time to get to know you, understands where you been, accepts who you were and still invite you to grow. Age, race or body type doesn't matter, though physical beauty is a plus. What intrigues me about a woman is personality and her determination to be herself.

I can say anything, but a real man's words and intentions are followed by his action with that being said if you have time in your life and is open to meeting a new friend, possibly more email or you can write me directly.

If you're not interested, thanks for allowing me to introduce

Lamont A Mimms # Y-17889 
P O Box 999   
Canton, IL 61520 USA
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