José Saucedo
José Saucedo # Y17337   
Western Illinois Correctional Center 
2500 Rt #99 South
Mount Sterling, IL 62353 SA
I am seeking a friend that will run away.

I'm funny, I love Toy Story and any other Disney. I know I'm a big kid. LOL. I have been through so much in the short life but I mature now and my mindframe is better positive.

I'm a great listener and I'm very considerate. I have no kids. I'm married but separated for 3 years. I love to eat. I'm Mexican and Black. I have good hair.LMAO. I have about 16 tats. I work out 5 days a week. I love dusties, R&B, Hip-hop, some rock songs. I'm into traveling, I like to camp and do road trips.

I have a good support system. My family and friends are still here. I'm only missing a female companion. Someone who won't judge me from my past and someone who understands me. Someone who I can be comfortable with.

I have no secrets all I have is my word and loyalty.

Thank you for taking time to find out what's to me.

Peace and love.
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