Carolina Rojas
Carolina Rojas # WG5351
P O Box 1508
Chowchilla   CA   93610   USA
Hello, my name is Carolina, but my friends call me Caro for short. I am a free spirited hippie girl. I love smiling and being goofy. I am always pretty bubbly. I have been here for almost four years now. I try my very best to stay focused on doing good and staying out of trouble. So I am always by myself with my earphones on. I am always trying to seek out the positive out of every situation.  I am therefore taking the time I have here to better myself & my mind. Keeping to myself here gets pretty lonely though, so I hope to make some lovely friends I can vibe with through letters or emails. I do prefer email though. Haha

Let’s see, a little about me. I am young, but I have an old soul. I love music, dancing, reading, cooking and watching TV. At home I was much more outgoing, but in here I have become much more reserved, so by watching me, people never realize that I’m a big kid at heart. I love all kinds of music, whatever I find that makes me feel happy. I dig rock, Alternative, oldies, Rap, dubstep, trance, etc. Some artists I like most: Jimi Hendrix, The grateful Dead, Kid Cudi, Dynoro, Diplo, Quiet Riot, Steve Aoki, Chance the Rapper, Queen, J-Cole, Milky Chance, Afroman, the list could go on forever, man. I am in college, majoring in psychology/sociology. Then a computer vocational in the morning. So, I’m constantly doing homework. I really dig animals, mainly cats and dogs, lol. I’m neither one or the other because I really love all animals.

If you think we would have anything in common or just vibe. Please email me via Jpay or send me a letter. Much love, Caro

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