Cynthia Salguero

I'm Cyn.

Let me introduce myself. I have a large spectrum of interest, goals and activities. I am always interested in celebrating all important traditions and achievements we accomplish as a society.

I'm bilingual. Yes! I can read, write and speak Spanish fluently. Due to my Mexican and Guatemalen heritage. There is some diversity in everything I do. Especially my cooking, so if you're not into spicy food give me a heads up.

Music it's all free game with a small limit of heavy metal. I'm favoring Reggeton and Corridos right now! I'm interested in continuing my education in social behavior science. I am outgoing, funny, adventurous and open to try new things. In my spare time I am furthering my rehabilitation doing self-help groups. I do some mentoring and I facilitate self-help groups in areas of family, dysfunction and anger management. I like to give back to my community by sewing dresses for girls and third world countries and crocheting for children's hospitals and convalescent homes. I also love to express myself through my makeup by experimenting with different smoky eyes and retro looks.

I enjoy watching movies that are action-packed, scary and comedy. Hopefully now that I am pampering myself to reenter society someone can catch me up on things.

Currently I am trying to figure out which career path I want to choose that would allow me to incorporate my mentoring, facilitating and social skills to use to help others and utilize my gift as well.

I would love to correspond with someone that has a broad spectrum of ideas and beliefs. My stress relieves are walking, dancing, playing football and reading historical romance novels and cowboy novels.

Always on the lookout for new tips on how to relieve stress and what's new with these crazy fashion trends I'm seeing on TV. I focus on keeping myself sexy, well educated, flawless, communication skills, with a young vibrant energy to new possibilities and interesting topics. My interest range from traveling different culture traditions, foods, political ideas and community servitude.
Cynthia Salguero # WE-8807 
P O Box 1508  
Chowchilla, CA 93610 USA
Men, Women, Friends, Nations, Legal Help
2nd° Murder
Release Date
10/17/22 Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 09-03-20
Ad Expiration:09-03-21