Monica Garcia
Are you looking to conversate with a woman who's sexy, sassy, classy,  & studious? Then look no further… 

I'm a woman who's very loyal  & devoted to friends when I make them. I'm a person who's super down to earth & easy to get along with.

When in the free world I love being on my own & I'm "VERY" independent. I'm generally not, well I'm 10% angel, 90% bi*ch, with a humongous sense of humor I can be silly when the time calls for it but on the other hand I'm very mature & womanly.

I have a strong dominate backbone with a lusty physical passion for subs & people with fetishes especially unusual fetishes. I also feel that be in control of everything & when I'm not I feel out of my element. But this doesn't mean I won't correspond with people who have their own mind. I can compromise :)

Without the drugs, I'm caring, thoughtful, loving, compassionate & extremely nonjudgmental. I wouldn't care if you're spouse is a horse! LOL. I've seen the worst in prison & done the worst in the free world. Now I'm waiting for the best.

I'm seeking friends from all walks of life. I'm a gay woman who is open for anything & I mean anything. I don't sugarcoat sh*t or paint illusion. I'm big on honesty. So don'twill come at me with bs lies.

I'll be waiting to hear from you!
Monica Garcia  # WE-1489 
CCWF-515-02-3 Low
P O Box 1508   
Chowchilla   CA   93610   USA
Friendship Maybe A Life Partner
Attempted Murder
Release Date
Max 2027 Earliest 2026
Ad Start: 11-25-21
Ad Expiration:  11-25-22