Analu Cabral
Analu Cabral # WB0136   
P O Box 1508    
Chowchilla, CA 93610 USA
Hi hopefully as you check out my find something of interest.

I am seeking anyone who knows the enticing combination of fun and excitement mixed with wisdom and knowledge. See, I dropped out in the sixth grade, so my grammar is bad! Yet I continue to get my education now. I always have a very strong insight of this thing called life. Perhaps if I'd use my brain as a teen I would be elsewhere. However, we must learn from our mistakes and become stronger.

Some of my favorite pastimes include listening to music and working out. Physical, spiritually and mentally strength are equally important. I enjoy a variety of shows from Nava to some good ol' comedy, balance is extremely important, time and place for everything. While I love to have a good time, I also keep my goals in mind: become a youth counselor. I owe that and everything else to my beautiful son, even though we don't have communication, but God willing one day we will. I hope you're someone that knows what you want from life and we can also share a few laughs.

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