Spassky Alcequiez
Spassky Alcequiez # W93253
M C I Shirley
P O Box 1218
Shirley   MA   01464   USA
Hello.  My name is Spassky.  First of let me start by saying thank you for taking part of your valuable time to read my profile.  I am in search of French and/or English speaking friend, open-minded, friendly, with a good sense of humor, fun and adventurous. Someone I can build a sincere and genuine friendship with.
Hopefully this will spark an interest in you for correspondence.  Preferably through emails.

I'm 43 years old, Dominican.  I am fluent in 3 different languages Spanish, English and French. Since I was young I have had a passion for learning different languages and fixing things. Many times people have called me a ''Jack of all Trades ''.  I enjoy very much listening to music, cause it takes my mind to a different place out of these walls.  Sometimes it feels like a different dimension but helps keep me happy and in good spirits. I also enjoy cooking, reading and joking around with friends.

I have experienced good and bad things in life, so there are many different situations I can empathize with.  Along the way I have made poor choices in tough  situations.  These mistakes have given me the opportunity to reflect upon my thoughts, feelings, actions and my self, to work on changing these for the better to become the kind of person I am  today.

We all make mistakes in life, what we do to make amends, repair harms, and better the world around us after, makes all the difference - in my opinion.

On a personal level I think that some of the characteristics that define a person are their values, like kindness, personality, and humility (being humble) etc.

An interruption from this solitude environment would be a pleasant surprise to my day.

Looking forward to have the privilege of hearing from you soon and to be fortunate enough to bring some excitement to your life.

Stay bless and have a great day!!!

PS you can contact me at or 1218 at mci Shirley

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