Sandra Dews
Sandra Dews # W-88673   
P O Box 1508    
Chowchilla, CA 93610-1508 USA
Live invigorated componates of African caves,

My name is diamond. As I venture towards freedom, I need a partner. Someone compassionate and understanding. Someone able to guide me towards a spirited future. At 38, I have several goals to achieve. Are you able to walk by my side while I explore life? I need whomever that writes me to understand that I am navigating new territory after being locked up while I was so young, then coming home at 38.

I am a strong independent woman. So I am not looking for someone to coddle me. I want someone to walk beside me while I learn what the world has to offer. Someone seasoned enough to be comfortable introducing me to new thingsā€¦ In life as well as behind closed doors.

I am pure, yet experienced. I am open for anything that does not take me away from my core values.

Within this scope, I enjoy a healthy amount of fun, kickin back with friends, laughing, eating, dancingā€¦ Etc. I am a well-balanced woman, family oriented. I have a big one. Some crazy, others not so much. Yet I love and live for them all.

Though heartfully an introverted woman who enjoys lone time to read and gain knowledge, or just relaxing and cuddling up with my partner. Or doing whatever cuddling might lead up to. If you know what I mean.

N-E-ways, write me. Let's see what we can get into.

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