Daniel Mountain
I am grateful that you decided to read my profile. 

I am seeking pleasant friends who are interested in receiving long personal letters on a wide range of subjects including my life in the past and the present reality of prison. I write about hopes for the future my dreams and trying to overcome problems that are common here.

I am open and honest. Danny is a very clean person who is into health and fitness. I do not have false prison pride. I must say I am unlike most individuals around me whose present actions define them. I've seen to much experience too much.

I have been known to make people laugh. One reason they bust out laughing is when I use humor to get over the sadness of my present existence. A lot to tell.

I really miss nature, the beach, the forest, the feel of the sun on me when I was free and moonlit nights. I feel the constant absence of beauty, kindness, and touch. When I am allowed to get pictures taken I like exchanging photos. I have been told I am very easy on the eyes.

What are your hobbies or interests?
Please tell me what you participate in?
What pursuits relax you?
Your taste in music?
If I asked questions I will answer them to the best of my ability. I am interested in your thoughts, advice and if you're having a problem maybe I could be the guy you vent to.

I can receive emails. I encourage all to write me if you're close or far away.
Daniel Mountain # W87249
P O Box 43
Norfolk, MA 02056 USA
Women, Friends
Kidnapping, Larceny  Vehicle, Arson of Vehicle
Release Date
2029 Parole Eligible 2025
Ad Start: 09-07-17
Ad Expiration:09-07-18