Ryan Babcock
Ryan Babcock # W115079
M C I Shirley
P O Box 1218
Shirley   MA   01464   USA
Hey you!  My name is Ryan, as you already saw. Most people call me Babs though.

I'm a 36 year old, blue eyed guy, born and raised in Berkshire's, Mass.  I grew up outside.  Camping, hiking, hunting, skiing, hospital trips, sports (Go Gangreen!),  playing poker, going to music festivals,etc.  I did it all…and then here I landed. A couple of times…

When I'm not in prison, although I am still down for some of the fun and running around, I work as a barber & shop owner and I will be again one day.

I enjoy vending at festivals also. I like the environment and the people.
I have lived a fast life and I'm ready to slow down, and find “normal” in my life. And hopefully someone to be normal with..our kind of normal anyways!😏

Are you her? Write me and find out, you might as well, you wouldn't still be reading if you weren't already interested. So that means we have a chance, let's not miss out on it girl.

Write me! Not later, now.
If you wait, you might forget and then we’re both missing out.
Anyways the quicker you write me, the quicker I can find a way to put a smile on your face and that, I can't wait to see!
Bye now, we'll talk soon. I hope

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