Brice Charest # W108648
MCI Norfolk
P O Box 43
Norfolk   MA   02056   USA
Brice Charest
Hello Ladies,
I am a 31 year old male in need of some female attention & affection.  I’m 6’3”, 235 pounds, & well built, all over.

I am at the end of a 10 year combined sentence with 18 months left to go with good time, 2 years without & have almost all that matters to a man in life except that one single most beautiful aspect, female companionship.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking for love, but I realize life isn’t always that easy so I don’t expect it.  What would be most important would be to find someone who’s open-mined compassionate, enjoys deep & playful conversation & wants someone to talk to as much as I do.

I’m a complex person in the sense that I’m not someone you can label as one type of person.  I’m in prison, yet I’m a caring & loving person, I have made many poor decisions in my life yet am often asked for advice & called intelligent, I go after what I want in life but am capable of a soft tough also.

I’m interested in a wide spectrum of things & subjects, everything from the meaning of life & spirituality to music, art, tattoos, culture & the pleasures of life.  Deep thought & conversation are everything for me, but so is joking, having fun & annoying my friends.
I try not to take life to seriously, because I believe life is too unpredictable.

When I was last home, I spent a majority of my time attending music festivals & shows, meeting people & soaking up all that life has to offer.

When I come home in 18 months, it’ll be with a fresh start & the ability to see where life takes me, as I have nothing holding me back.

If I happened to pique your curiosity, reach out to me!

I can vibe with just about anybody & am the last to judge.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any recent prison photos due to COVID lock downs in the prison but will update some soon!

I look the same only more mature with a large collection of tattoos & promise you won’t be cat fished or disappointed

You can E-mail me at
www.corrlinks,com <http://www.corrlinks,com>
By entering my name & prison I.D.#
Brice Charest
Hope to hear from you soon.

Armed Robbery
Parole 01/26/2022
W/O Parole 01/26/2023
Ad Start: 04-29-2021
Ad Expiration: 04-29-2022