Vernon Walker
Dear Potential Pen Pal,
This is my first attempt at this pen pal stuff.  After being in prison for 17 years, it’s about time.  To start off, I’m looking for a female friend.  There are no women around here to be friends with.  I’m sure you knew that already. I’m not talking about the he-she’s either.  The type of communication I get with a person of the opposite sex, can’t be replicated by a cell mate.

I’m 6’1”, 250 lbs.  I have to work-out and eat lots of protein/carb based foods to keep that weight on.  If not, I drop to 230 lb.  I’m about 250 lbs in the photo in which my eyes are closed.  I have blond hair, blue eyes.

I grew up in Kansas, outside a small town, on a 99 acre farm.  I chose Hank Williams Jr. - A Country Boy Can Survive as my background music, because that song is relatable to my childhood.

I joined the U.S. Marine Corps after 911.  I was a senior in high school that year.  Two of my photos show me in the Marine Corps.  One while in Iraq, the other while taking a day off from training.  I was so skinny because I contracted dysentery, along with the rest of my unit, while in Iraq.  My unit (3/4 Kilo, 1st Mar. Div) lead the invasion into Iraq.
When I arrived back to the states, I had PTSD.  I ended up killing two drug dealers who were selling drugs to Marines.

The first several years of prison were spent drinking alcohol.  I eventually got my act together, and slowly started bettering myself.  I spend much of my free time creating art.  I specialize in portraits, but I can do just about anything in paint and charcoal.  I just finished a portrait of a friends five children.  I’m in the process of setting up an art booth on the east coast.  Once businesses start to open up again, I will be ready.  In one of my photos, it shows me painting a mural on one of the walls in Pleasant Valley State Prison.  It is a memorial to the Marines who died in combat.

I have earned six AA/AS degrees while in prison.  I have transferred to California Coast University in order to earn a Master’s in marketing.  I’m able to pay for my schooling by selling my art.

I participate in self-help groups that help me better communicate with others.  They also help me live a more productive life.  I just finished a workbook that was designed to help me fully understand the impact my crimes have caused on society.  Once we are allowed to gather in large groups again, I will continue to lead one that educates inmates about conflict resolution.

I would love to hear from you.  I promise I will write back.

Vernon Walker # V-87111
Pleasant Valley State Prison
P O Box 8500
Coalinga   CA   93210   USA

Ad Start: 02-11-21
Ad Expiration: 02-11-22

Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence