Climmie White
"Thoughts become things: I was reading this book called,  "The Secret " by Rhonda  Bryne, and in a  passage she said, "thoughts become things". "Thinking on this for a minute I came to believe what she meant was, in order for anything to come into existence it begins and ends with a thought. So if a person wants to change their life they must first change their train of thought

I have come to understand what ever situation we're in right now is because of our thoughts. I find myself in the situation today because of a warped sense of belief I once had. However, I no longer feel nor think the same way I did when I was that young boy pretending to try and be a man-with a no real sense of direction or purpose in life.

Today I am proud to say I have my bearings on the right track and I am moving through life with a meaningful purpose. One in which leads me here on this journey of reaching out to meet new people.

Do you believe in the law of attraction? Well, in the book I spoke of (The Secret), it was mentioned that our thoughts have their frequencies and magnetic energies. I believe this to be true, which is why I am hoping our thoughts have a magnetic connection that becomes so strong it draws us together like one of them silly magnets we used to have on our family refrigerators when we were kids. LOL
Climmie White # V-86968
Lancaster State Prison 
P O Box 4430
Lancaster, CA 93539  USA
African American
Attempted Murder
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