Eric Dunn
When this missive reaches its destination I hope that your life's challenges have been fair and all that you hold in your heart.

My name is Eric, but I prefer to be called Hakeem which means (Wise). I'm 52, a martial artist, non-smoker, don't drink, and need to be connected with someone who loves life with lots of love to offer such as myself.

I'm honest, sincere, straightforward and feel the need to meet a woman with similar interest. Make no mistake, I'm not looking for perfection because it doesn't exist. I'm looking for "who"you are and not what you are. So let's move past terrible relationships and focus on these (2) minds that can and will connect on a level that can only be understood through desire.

Do you have what I want? Or perhaps I got what you need. This struggle for love may be right before us but we must push ourselves to great lengths to accomplish that goal. I'm not a poet and don't live in a fantasy, so if I can't gain it through honesty then I don't need it because it has no value.
So let's seal the deal and move forward and grow.

I'm sure we have similar interests so if you feel the need to know much more about me then just be yourself and take a chance on me… I've already taken one on you.

If you have that beautiful personality and need that unconditional 1 on 1 attention, not to mention a good listener, then trust me I'm your guy. I'm simply looking for a real you. Ethnicity, age, religion not a factor.


Eric Dunn # V64492
Pelican Bay State Prison- D10 113
P O Box 7500
Crescent City, CA 95532 USA
African American
Release Date
Yet to Be Determined Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 09-06-18
Ad Expiration:09-06-19