Andrew Garcia

This is a brief introduction for hopes of finding someone to develop a meaningful friendship with. Of course, I am hopeful for a friendship that can be one with endless possibilities. 

I'm looking for someone with a good heart, who considers themselves to be open-minded, especially to my current circumstances. I would also hope you have enough faith in yourself to recognize true and genuine intention. So, if you're down to take a real chance at finding yourself a passionate and open-minded man, listen to the intuition you were blessed with and it should lead you right to me! My only hope is to brighten your life even more with me in it.

Hi! Nice to meet you. My name is Andrew Garcia. If you could see, what I see in myself, you would see a decent, kindhearted human being who is loyal and trustworthy to the core. These years, thru much knowledge and experience. I've learned and grown so much. This growth has made me a better man which has made me a better, willing and able father, son, and friend.

I consider myself to be a great listener, who's been known to be able to hold his own with any topic of conversation. In my spare time, I enjoy playing handball which helps me to stay in shape. Besides being physically active, I like to keep myself well-groomed. I also enjoy watching the variety of shows on PBS, which I find to be both educational and entertaining. I've learned to appreciate things more, especially the little things we all take for granted.

Hopefully, this intro takes your interests enough to want to know me. If you feel you could be that special someone that can bring light to my life, this could be the beginning of a true friendship. A beginning that can provide us with a foundation honesty and respect. With an unknown future, I'll remain hopeful and optimistic about what "it" could bring. In the meantime, take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

-God bless-

Andrew Garcia # V16852
P O Box 5242
Corcoran, CA 93212 USA
Women, Friends
African American, Hispanic, Native American
Ad Start: 08/31/17
Ad Expiration:08/31/18