Justin McCulloch
Justin McCulloch # V09475   
CSP-Los Angeles County A5- 145 Up
P O Box 4430
Lancaster, CA 93539 USA
My name is Justin McCulloch.

I was born in Texas, am 44 years old, and am looking for people to get to know to be friends with.

I'm a dog trainer in the program called Paws For Life here at Lancaster. I love dogs, all breeds, and I'm currently training a service dog named Peaches. She is a German Shepherd mixed.

I like movies, I like a good story, regardless of whether it is a love flick or action, as long as it's good. The music I like the most is country, but I like Christian, rock, classical, pop, any good song. I like video games (we can get tablets now, maybe email soon) but the ones I get on the tablet are more like an app versus real game.

I was in the Army for 6 years as a combat engineer. I enjoyed my time in the military and helped in Bosnia to stop that genocide in 1992-1994.

I attend church here and have earned my bachelors degree as well as Christian counseling certification. I am missing something in here, what that something is might be you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. God bles
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