Sal Cortez
Hello there, 

My name is Sal.I'm Mexican American and I'm looking for love. I was born in South Los Angeles on June 30, 1973. I'm 5'8", black hair, brown eyes, weigh 195 lbs., Medium brown to light complexion. By the way, I'm a young, strong and handsome 46-year-old.

I strongly believe in values, principles and honesty. I also think that friendship and trust is very very important in a relationship and I can't wait to meet the girl that I will spend the rest of my life with.

Currently I am serving a 25 to life sentence which I have almost completed already. And I believe that I will be paroling within the next 5-6 years.

I am a religious man and I do have a personal relationship with God and I know that he will send me the right person. Just the right one for me and for you as well.

I like to read nonfiction biographic  books. I like to work out at least an hour every day. I'm a very hard worker. I like to listen to music and dance too. I love nature and I have a lot of respect for the wildlife, all lives for that matter, included humans life.

I am not at all a judgmental person, vein or based on looks, or anything in their past, we all have one. Obviously love would be great, yet only true love grows through a real relationship. I'm eager to exchange meaningful letters and being where I am currently at in life I am eager to somewhat live vicarously through yours.

Time is ticking, I hope and pray to hear from you soon.

Sal Cortez # V04217
CMC Cell 2304
P O Box 8101  
San Luis Obispo, CA 93409 USA
Release Date
Around 2026 Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 10-10-19
Ad Expiration:10-10-20