Israel Magwood
Israel Magwood # T95590
Liberty Correctional Institution
P O Box 23608
Tampa   FL   33623   USA
Hey my name Israel.  I'm currently serving a 15 yr sentence, I have 7-10 yrs left.  I'm looking for someone to motivate me when I'm having my down days and that's going to accept me for me and to make my time easier.

We can start as friends and hope it leads to more.  I also I need someone to elevate my thinking and some one who I can reimburse love to and to add me on jpay.  Also in need of a shoulder to lean on, I can also be your shoulder to lean on.

I like to think about a better life and I'm leaving a different man from when I came in.  I don't have too many people that keep in contact.  I'm looking for some one Reliable and willing to lend a helping hand.  I'm lookin for some one that's open minded and that can hold a conversation.

Ad Start: 04-07-22
Ad Expiration:  04-07-23
Women, Friends, Donations,
Legal Help
African American
2nd Degree Murder, Dangerous Act (attempted), Aggravated Assault/Leo/Firefgt/EMS/ETC, Fel/Deli w/Gun/CONC WPN/AMMO
Release Date