Douglas Juarez
Hello ladies!

My name is Douglas, but if you decide to write back, you can call me  Jr. as you can see I'm currently incarcerated, I'm in here because I shot a guy, but please don't be afraid I promise you there's a lot more to the story, I'm thankful he didn't die. But we can get to that conversation later.

Now I'm going to put my best foot forward in an effort to capture your attention, and make you want to know about the stranger behind these words. I'm 5' 8" I know, I'm short, but I walk like I'm 6' 8", I weigh 200 solid pounds, I like to stay fit; I was born in a little country  name Nicaragua, I do speak Spanish.

My parents brought me here for a better future but I messedt that up and ended up in prison. I've been down for 16 long years, but I should be granted parole date when I get to board in 2026, "God willing"! I like to think I'm funny and a positive person, even though it's hard at times, this is a very negative place. That's why I'm looking for a special someone who is not afraid to take a chance and won't judge me for my past. But most important, someone who's friendship can transcend these lonely prison walls. I'm hoping that's you.

So how about you, what brings you to this site?
What made you click on my profile?
What's your nationality?
What kind of music do you like?

Well I have many questions, but not enough space but if you decide to write, I look forward to getting to know you, and you getting to me.

Douglas Jr.

Douglas Juarez # T-81115
Pleasant Valley State Prison
P O Box 8500 
Coalinga, CA 93210 USA
Hispanic Nicaraguan
Attempted Murder
Release Date
board date 2026 Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 04-18-19
Ad Expiration:04-18-20