Hi, my name is Ashley, I'm 36 years old, 5'2", black hair, brown eyes, and I'm Caucasian and Puerto Rican. Though I don't speak much Spanish, I want to learn.

Before coming to prison, I lived in Brandon/Tampa area. I love to do All kinds of things. I'm a tattoo artist by trade, but I also love to work on trucks (preferably older ones), and I love building things. I'm a true country girl and have been working with horses my whole life.

When I get released from prison I really want to travel. I don't have anyone doing this time with me on the outside, and that gets really lonely. I'm not looking for a serious relationship because I still have nine more years to do but I'm open to anything. I'm working on some appeals for my case, but right now my early release date is in 2031. I'm trying to get a sentence modification to get most of the time on probation so I can get out and start living my life.

For those of you who are curious about my sexual orientation, I'm an equal opportunity type of girl. I love all people, boy, girl, bowls, doesn't matter to me, I don't discriminate.

I'm excited to meet some new people so if you're interested, feel free to contact me via JPay or by mail.


Ashley Nicole Causey # T69641
Lowell Correctional Institution
P O Box 23608
Tampa   FL   33623   USA
Ashley Nicole Causey
Women, Men, Friends, Donations,
Legal Help
Caucasian, Puerto Rican
Release Date
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Ad Expiration:  07-07-2023
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