Daniel Zabriskie
This would be a great guy to write !!

A sincere, warmhearted, cuddly teddy bear. Kind, caring, thoughtful, intuitive, athletic, patient, intelligent, down to earth, great sense of humor, a compassionate listener. A heart that understands and will never judge you.

A friend looking for a friend.

I'm college educated, family-oriented, career minded. Love outdoor adventures (sports, softball, volleyball, hiking, camping, boating, picnics, romantic walks in moonlight or rain), indoor activities (writing letters, music, snuggling with that special someone-could she be you?) I love flying so much I became a pilot, traveling to new interesting places.

I enjoy studying criminal law, became a paralegal, dedicated myself to helping the wrongfully convicted (happens more often than you think).

I love witty conversations, playful teasing, making each other laugh, really connecting heart-to-heart. I believe communication builds understanding, understanding builds trust, trust builds closeness, and closeness a lifelong bond.

I'm hoping to find a mutually encouraging, emotionally supportive, fiercely loyal pen-friend who can sympathize with a lonely soul at the lowest point of his life. Solidly being there for one another, offering hope, encouragement, brightening up even the darkest days.

Remember that feeling of waking up Christmas morning to open your presents? That's the same giddy excitement a letter from someone special can bring. I'd love to share that joy with you.

I've been waiting to hear from you. I'll answer every letter and never abandon you.

I hope we find genuine friendship, closeness, a special bond… Perhaps more.

Thank you for the privilege of your time.
Daniel Zabriskie # T69293
Ironwood State Prison A3 124
P O Box 2199 
Blythe, CA 92226-2199 USA
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 10-27-16
Ad Expiration:10-27-19