Daniel Zabriskie
You may be only one person in the whole world . . .
but to only one person, you may be the whole world

Positive change is an amazing experience to witness. It's through our struggles, trials, tribulations, that builds our character. Our character isn't defined by our success, it's defined by how we overcome our failure and adversity. Change is a process that requires courage, willpower, the desire to be the best version of oneself. Nothing is more inspiring than to witness someone be courageous enough to become vulnerable. As a paralegal who helps fight for the wrongfully convicted, the oppressed, I was honored to hear a person share his story for the first time, the tears in his eyes represented a load of emotions that came pouring out. Healing was taking place. Truth is, vulnerability is the essence of change.

Society is tragically uninformed about people in prison. I wish you could see how many good people exist inside. In prison, it is hard to imagine that prisoners are the ones that help create a safe place, a place to be honest, honorable, weak, but only to become stronger and gain our humanity once again. I wish you could observe how much of our lives are spent trying to make amends somehow, someway. Instead, our identity is forever trapped in a time capsule society and politics force us into. As one community, we must come together and honor that vulnerability. Our obligation should be to know people in their totality-not handcuffed to their crime. My dream is to continue as a paralegal who focuses on healing trauma. I will live and lead a purposeful, intentional life. I will do this by helping people change the way they perceive the world. Today hope is all around us, and we can all help to create hope.

Are you willing to listen to an unheard population? You could make a meaningful difference to someone who truly needs and appreciates you. You could be the gentle, yet powerful voice that helps ease a troubled, lonely heart. You could be the one who gives a lost soul hope, encouragement, inspiration, a fresh start. You could be that special person that makes a powerful difference in my life.

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