Daniel Zabriskie
This is a great guy to write !!

It is an honor to meet you-although I certainly wish it were under better circumstances. I hope we can develop deep, meaningful connections, closeness, genuine friendship.

Allow me to tell you a little about myself. I'm kind, caring, thoughtful, playful, intuitive, patient, intelligent, down-to-earth, with a terrific, if slightly sarcastic, sense of humor. Sincerely interested in your thoughts and feelings. A compassionate listener with a heart that understands and doesn't judge. A cuddly teddy bear.

A friend looking for a friend.

I'm college educated, family oriented, career minded, love sports, outdoor adventures, indoor activities. I love flying so much I've learned to fly my own plane, traveling to many interesting places I especially love snuggling before a warm fireplace on cold rainy nights, sipping cocoa, nibbling chocolate chip cookies we just baked, cuddling, making each other laugh.

I enjoy studying law, became a paralegal, dedicated myself to fighting for the wrongfully convicted (sadly our system isn't perfect and gets it wrong more often than we'd like to admit). I enjoy helping people, fighting for the underdog, making positive differences. I believe everyone has good in them and deserves second, even third chances-especially when they receive warmth, love, compassion., All it takes is someone to believe in us.

I love interesting conversations, silly or serious, laughing, playfully teasing, sharing thoughts, ideas, communicating heart to heart. I believe communication builds understanding, understanding builds trust, trust builds closeness and closeness cements a lifelong bond.

I'm seeking a mutually encouraging, emotionally supportive, fiercely loyal pen friend, being there for each other, offering hope to brighten up even the darkest days, to see the best in ourselves and each other. Someone who may be willing to grow from pen-friend, to true friend, best friend… Perhaps more.

Daniel Zabriskie # T69293
P O Box 2349 
Blythe, CA 92226-2349 USA
Release Date
Within 5 Years
Ad Start: 10-27-16
Ad Expiration:10-27-20