Jesse Hendricks
Jesse Hendricks # T51651
Calipatria State Prison
P O Box 5004
Calipatria   CA   92233   USA
My name is Jesse. Not sure what to brag about? Feel like I’m selling something. Guess I am . . . “ME”, to you. Could use every gimmick or run game. But, I won’t. I’ll be real. Honest, I’m on this site wanting to meet someone. I’m bored and lonely. Seeking convo. Getting to know somebody, share stories, to write and invite someone into my life. Possibly invited info yours?  No pressure. Laughing is cool . . . It makes me smile. I'm the funniest dude I know! I’m a Scorpio. I’m “40”. We can say I’m “30” if you insist?

Been in for nearly 12-years. My story is complicated. Whose isn’t? I've made several errors in life. But, I’m a good person. Showing you would be my pleasure. I’ve learned from my mistakes. I've learned something every day.  Discovering myself in the process of being away. Acquired 3-degrees from college recently. There “A-A’s”. But, I’m enthusiastic about learning, continuing my journey in education and life.

If you’ve read his far, there's no words to persuade you to pick me to contact. There's plenty of prisoners like me here. I AM DIFFERENT. Saying that with conviction.  I try to practice the “GOLDEN RULE” (treat people how you want to be treated). My integrity is everything! I love sports. I’m athletic. At 6-4 I better be LOL. Seeing myself as the “CHUBBY THOR.” LMAO. Mother is Irish. Father was Italian.  I have blue eyes. Born in Philly (PA). Raised in Los Angeles, Southern California  is beautiful.  Warped legal system that's broken. Laws are being changed and passed at this time. My sentence - like many others’ - likely will be reduced drastically soon and I’ll make it home sooner than once expected.

I’m positive, pretty charming and simply desire someone to befriend.
If it's you - AWESOME!! If not, no worries. Hello…..

Jesse V. Hendricks

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