Norman Daniels
Norman Daniels # T-46088   
CSATF/Corcoran State Prison 
P O Box 5244    
Corcoran, CA 93212 USA
Hello, My name is Norm,

I am legally blind and also a prisoner in a California prison. I am attempting to self-publish, at this point, five books and I need help with the technical aspects of setting up the projects and placing them on-line.

These will be the things I am asking help with, and is not limited to:
-help in setting up and maintaining a web site for my 'web presence'. I have a patron who will pay for it, with some dollar restrictions. I just need someone who will administer and run the site;
-help in tracking down and securing a book cover artist for all five books;
-help setting up the format for each file to be placed on;
-maintain and begin a Face Book account.

My friend is helping me on some of these things but is doing my book editing and doesn't have time to do both. He is available to help with financial aspects as needed and with some limits, such as paying for the book covers, etc. Outside of that, I do not have family or friends with computer technical skills, such as using a desktop publisher, like MS Word, etc. I am looking for anyone, personal or professional, who is willing to do the work.

If you have professional services, please list your web site or license so that it might be scrutinized. Non-professional payments are acceptable by contract between personal parties. And, of course, charity is fully and thankfully accepted as well. Personally, I'm hopeful for the latter because I, personally, do not have access to financial income.

Thank you for reading and replying.

Norman Daniels
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