Joshua Bates
Hello to the world!

My name is Joshua Lee Bates  "AKA" Blanco. Which is white in Spanish. I was born and raised in Jimtown a small and old town in Southern California & Southeast Los Angeles area. It's home.

I have been in prison 7 years straight now. My release date is in June 2027, I have slightly under 10 years left to serve on this sentence now under the decade mark:Woo-Hoo". My sentence I'm serving is for multiple armed robberies of various establishments.

I enjoy writing and making friends all over the world. I love the mature intelligent ladies who can carry a conversation with the pen! These days I'm financially secure. I'm 38 years old, 39 July 6th. I'm green eyed, very tattoo'ed, I'm fairly handsome, I'm open to friendship, or even perhaps something more serious with the right person. I search for my person that one special lady to love for a lifetime, but haven't found her yet!

I do have adult and almost adult daughters from long past relationships, no baby mama's drama! I love to learn of other cultures and parts of the world from real people themselves! As a man I'm righteous, loyal, generous & real! I like to work out and play sports daily.

I'm of 3 races & cultures. My father was Caucasian of Scandinavian English & Scottish dissent. My mother is a Mexican-American descent of 2 of Mexicos tribes one of the Senoran desert and one of Zacatecas, so I'm very mixed. My family's major to me my mom's and 2 sisters I write often and stay in touch with their children my 2 nephews.

I enjoy a good read of historical fiction, some fantasy, some romance and about my Los Angeles team the Dodgers, Lakers, and I'm still a LA raider as my team will soon move again to Las Vegas closer to LA then Oakland so I'm good with the move.

Built stocky thick muscle or arms calves and thighs. I'm 5'9" in height. I try to stay healthy, but keep some weight on where I feel best is 190 to 205 pounds. I like and attracted to women of all races and cultures. I'm no social butterfly type. I'm more into a serious grown folks conversation! I can stimulate mind and body ladies! I have no financial needs I only want to write to ladies of a kind and decent nature flirting okay. I want someone who likes to write and share to get at me. I'm single ladies but I am always looking for that one special lady to marry one day!

With my most sweet and humble regards I say goodnight. These pictures are my most recent up here in High Desert State prison California. And I hope to hear from you soon to conversate frther.

Joshua Lee

Joshua Bates # T19384
High Desert State Prison  C8 208
P O Box 3030
Susanville, CA 96127   USA

Women, Friends
Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American
None but I'm Open-Minded
Multiple Armed Robberies 2nd°
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