Success Stories
Story # 1 - Hi my name is Traci and I met the most wonderful man on the face of this planet all because of your web site. I saw his ad and something spoke to me. I took the chance and wrote to him. It seems as if we connected immediately. He is the most caring and warm person I have ever had the joy of talking to. We are planning a long and happy future together. Joe goes up for parole in January 2004. I can't wait until he can come home to me and we can start our forever. Thank you for sending me my angel.

Story # 2 - Hi, I must tell you, PrisonPenPals brought my future husband to me! I found the site looking for a pen pal and what I found was so much more and we'll both be forever grateful! Thank you again, Lisa

Story # 3 - When I first met my husband in 1991 I was still in the denial stage of my 4 year old's death, and trying to take my own. I met my husband at Attica Correctional and married him on Fathers Day 1992. I feel that was the best decision I ever could've made in my entire life. I feel he saved my life thru his mental and emotional support in myself coming to term with the realization no amount of tears would bring back my son. We have grown so much thru the years, 13 in all so far, and we have 5 year old beautiful twins conceived behind prison walls. My husband has a life sentence and will never come home. He tried but was caught after a two day escape. His love for his wife and children drove him to his attempt. Still after all the chaos I'll love no other man like I do my husband Tim, and never have I regretted a second in all those years. With much love Tim!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Lesly

Story # 4 - Hi. My name is Sherry and back on November 02, 2002, my boyfriend was killed in a car wreck and it devastated me terribly. I was alone and didn't want to date or go out etc. I came across PPP site and thought "why not", I really needed someone to talk to and someone who was living through hardship as I was. Of course 2 different stories but loneliness the same. One particular ad caught my eye and I wrote to him. His name is Rick and we wrote for many months and we had a lot in common. I got where I was so excited daily to check the mail and get a letter from him. We began falling for each other and after that it seems all fell into place and he was paroled after so many denials and we met and it was real Love. I've never had anything like this happen to me. To end my story, we ended up getting married on my birthday 9-11 of 2003 and its been Wonderful ever since. We are very much in Love and are happy and thank God each day that we met through PPP. I've truly found my soul mate and couldn't ask for anything more. He's a great man and had some bad luck and now for the 1st time we both are actually Living. Thank you PPP and keep up the good work. God Bless everyone. Sherry

Story # 5 - I met Robert almost two years ago thanks to this website. I was skeptical in finding a companion but gave it a try. Since then Robert has changed my life, taught me to love myself and others, as well as creating an unbreakable bond with such an amazing person. Meeting him was a choice but falling in love was fate. We are working together to overturn his case and we hope prayers are answered because I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life with him behind bars. He has become my best friend, my counselor, my reason to smile on most days. I've learned that you can never judge a person for what they have done, you must get to no the real person trapped behind closed doors. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to a world I may never have seen!
Yours truly, Dorota

Story # 6 - I have to say thank guys. I was at a point that I had been so tired of the game in relationships in life, and truely cant say why I even looked at your site. I would honestly never have ventured this avenue of meeting anyone, not that I am some goody two shoes and this is just wrong attitude. It just never was something that would have crossed my mind. I guess I just was looking for something or someone, I guess to reach out to and talk to. I was widowed in 2002, and lost both my wife and daughter in an accident. I actually was loking for a christian penpal type site and came across yours, and thought what the heck can't hurt looking. So I entered you site. This was Dec. 2011. As in there, I came upon a female named, well lets call her "L", and I not only saw a pretty face, I read a beautiful profile filled with sicerities and things that were so what I was in my beliefs and thoughts. I continued then to look at others add, and I kept coming back to this "L " and was mesmerized with what she had wrote. As I had spent a little while searching your site I did nothing. But I did save the site, and I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!!!!!! Well I kept coming back to other things, but this lady "L " kept drawing me back and why I did not know. So I threw this ideal on writing to her around for a few weeks, ok a month went by and for some reason I couldn't get her and what she said in her profile out of my head, I knew I had to know her as I thought she would be a nice person to get to know. Little did I know, WOW!!, I finally wrote a letter in Jan 2012, and mailed it out. Several weeks went by and I almost had given up hope of hearing from her, til that one day, and Thank God, I have met the most wonderful, heart warming lady. We have been writing a couple times a week since, I couldn't have believed the connection if I tried. She has a little over a year and a half to go and we have connected with a bond I never thought possible. So if anyone gets to read this and are a skeptically, the only advice I could say is, "IF YOU GIVE THIS A TRY, AND TRUELY DO SO OPEN MINDED, THESE ARE JUST PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND I. THEY HAVE HEARTS AND ARE DESCENT PEOPLE TOO. SOME PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES AND WE ARE NOT TO JUDGE. IF YOU HAVE A DRAW OR ATTRACTION TO SOMEONE, OR WHAT THEY HAVE WROTE, PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR SHOES AND WHY NOT GIVE IT A SHOT AND WRITE AS I HAVE DONE. I CAN SAY THIS WAS PROBABLY THE LAST PLACE I THOUGHT I WOULD FIND A DREAM COME TRUE AND SO, SO MUCH MORE, I HAVE FOUND A SOULMATE I NEVER DEAMED POSSIBLE. SO THANK YOU PRISON PEN PALS, KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB AS YOU GUYS TRUELY DO GIVE NOT ONLY THE INMATES A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE AND LOVE EVEN, YOU BRING THIS TO THE PUBLIC WHO CAN BELIEVE AND BE OPEN MINDED. YA 'LL ARE THE BEST. THANKS" We have communicated in such an open and wonderful way that I never dreamer. Really get to know each other as talk per say is all you can do. Really places communication at the top, and even happiness I never would have imagined. We have already discussed getting together after her release, and all I can say for now is I completely cant wait for that day to come as we both know and feel that we know this is so right for us to do, and we enthusiastically await the day for Our new becoming on life we both have only seamed of. So this site is tops in my book. Again many heart felt thanks guys. Craig Texasboy in Illinois.

Story # 7 - Dear PPP: Thanks for your support over the past years. I have been in a Texas prison since 1988 and was just released last month. I could not have made it if it werent for a few good friends I made here on this site. My wife had lieft me while I was in prison and had taken my son with her. He continued to write me while I was in prison but the letters were far between. I was intoduced to this site and before I knew it I was getting 10-12 letters a week. I was writing them all and they were great words of encouragement. It helped me alot. I am now out and I have found a great relationship. My son is back in my life and now it's my job to write others in prison to let them know that its going to be ok. I want to be their encouragement. Thanks again. Ford.

Story # 8 - My name is Cheryl Ann and came across PPP and so very glad I did,glancing at pictures just scrolled down to the one who really caught my attention and couldnt stop looking at that one in particular,I found myself going back to the one who is now the love of my life and we are so much in love.At first I was reluctant not knowing what to expect at thinking what if he doesnt write back and didnt like my picture,to my surprise I recieved my first letter from him ten days later...starting out at just being just friends sooned blossomed into the love we have for eachother now and many letters later we are still learning more and more about one another and more inlove than before,.We are eachothers lives,loves,worlds,best friends and would be lost.Even behind the cement walls though we havent met in person yet he is the sweetest kindest loving caring etc man I have come to know and love today and cant wait to be with my man Tommy... and I make sure I write him every single day.He is the best thing that has ever happened to me,Thank You so much for bringing us together.

Story # 9 - Let's just start out by saying my name is Sherry. My husband passed away in 2005. I have spent so much time alone, depressed. I was on my computer one day in 2010, and one of those pop-ups made it through my blocker. I really don't know why I decided to check out the site, but I did. I thank God everyday I did, because I am about to marry the most wonderful man in the Universe. Our wedding is April 22, 2013. I plan to make a 37 hour roadtrip. He is so worth it. Thank you Prison Pen Pals for your site. I have already referred several people to your site. Thank you and God Bless. Sherry

Story # 10 - Hi there, I have a success story as well. A few years ago I was in a low place in life and was needing someone to chat with when a friend of mine suggested I write to prisoners. So I found your site and looked up a couple people and started writing them. It was amazing how uplifting it was for my soul to get letters in the mail like the old fashion way before the computers. I am proud to say I found not only a good friend but also I met my best friend for life. He was everything he said we was and more. I drove 3hrs to pick him up from prison and we have been side by side every since. We started writing in early 2011 and here it is the end of 2013 and we are now planning our wedding. We thank you for your site. We would of never found each other without it. Talk about a small world it turned out his father retired from the same agency I worked for so I had co workers who knew him. So that was very cool to me. I have never been happier in life. I finally found my soul mate who loves me for me. Thank you.. Trudy and "S"

Story # 11-
Not only did I meet my best friend from your service, I also found my soul mate and husband. My first letter to him was in the spring of 2011 and on October 15th, 2016 we had a beautiful wedding. Truly a great success story. Thanks Mr & Mrs Hinson.

Story # 12 -
My name is rasheeda I met my now husband on PPP back in 2012 we were engaged for 8 months married in April 2014 I was just looking for a friend wound up with someone wonderful and now we just had a baby boy I couldn't be happier thank you PPP always

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