Maurice Lasenby
Time is valuable to us all on earth.

Who wants to waste time and feel like there time they put in someone wasn't worth it? Every second and every minute of the day counts.

I'm looking for a beautiful woman that I can invest some time in getting to know. I'm looking for a friend for the most part. I'm looking for a good friend that's open and understanding. I'm very open as a book.

I made mistakes in my life. I don't let my mistakes define me of who I am today. Time has made me grow and taught me a valuable lesson. My exeriences in life made me a mature man. Maturity doesn't come from age, Maturity comes from experiences.

I'm 27 years old seeking a good friendship from a mature woman with morals and ethics. I appriciate you so much for viewing my profile. It might be designated that we meet.

I'm very interested in getting to meet you. If that special mature woman is you and we are disignated to meet, you cs email me directly. go to or you can write to me direcetly.

Thanks for your time! Sincerely

Maurice Lasenby # S-11644
Sherdian Correctional Institution
4017 East 2603 Road  
Sherdian, IL 60551 USA
African American
Armed Violenve
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-28-20
Ad Expiration:05-28-21