Zachary Schrock
Zachary Schrock # S08442   
Big Muddy Correctional Center
251 N Illinois Highway 37  
Ina, IL 62846 USA
I'm a man who has made some mistakes in his life & I'm not proud of them.

I'm also a man who has a lot of potential in life. I'm a college graduate, a father to a beautiful three year old girl, and a man of integrity. I want to do the right thing for the right reasons. I'm currently in a drug/behavior modification program, I graduated the basic six-month program and got accepted for after care. I'm serious about my recovery and I want healthy people in my life.

I'm open-minded, a good listener and could really use some good friends to talk to. I'm ready to meet new people and see who else is out there. If you're interested in getting to know me then I'm interested in getting to know you. Don't be shy and send me a letter. You can also set up an email account with me, it's cheaper and faster than mail. Set up an account at either one is okay with me

I really look forward to hearing from you. Pictures would be appreciated but must be sent through the mail.
Women, Friends
Class 2 Felony
Release Date
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