Jesse Dietzel
Jesse Dietzel # S00030
Graham Correctional Center
12078 Illinois Route 185
Hillsboro   IL   62049   USA
My name is Jessie and I am serving time for drug charges in Graham Correctional Center in Illinois. With good time credit, I'll be out in roughly 12-18 months. I'm doing as much as possible with my time. I'm in a few programs and on the list for others as soon as spots open up. In about 6 months I plan on going to “work- release”  where I can save up even more money and get weekend passes to leave and visit people.

Out in the world I am self-employed as a PC Tech and network admin. I've been in the tech field most of my adult life. In here I trade stocks & cryptocurrency, something I started shortly after I got locked up as a way to keep some sort of employment and money coming in to support myself, keep money on my books and help some with my daughter.

In general I tend to be a bit of a “handyman” but fixing computers is what I'm known best for. There's only so much I can tell about myself in so many words but I am an open book. My past isn't the worst, but not the best either, obviously.

Most of my adult life I led a pretty straight life. Unfortunately I found myself in a world of rough times in 2017-2018 and around early 2019 things escalated very fast. In early 2020 I got locked up.

I do have a daughter who has always been a Daddy's girl. I'm very much still in her life.

I'll leave this with that LOL.  Don't be shy write me and let's see what's up.

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Distribution of Meth
Release Date
Will Change With Good Time