Ivan Johnson
Ivan Johnson  # R-69908    
Menard Correctional Center 
P O Box 1000
711 Kaskaskia Street   

Menard, IL 62259  USA
"Hey wonderful "

How are you doing special? I don't want to waste too much of your precious time or do the most, so let me tell you why I am on this Pen Pal site…

I'm a Chicago native who's a lost soul that has made some unconscious choices that landed me in prison and by myself.

I'm looking for a loving and caring woman who wouldn't mind taking a chance with me. My only turn off is a woman who lies. As long as you got a good heart and loyal we're good.

I'm a stand up guy that will do anything and everything to make you smile and happy. I pride myself on helping and seeing you flourish to be something great in life. I don't expect much from you but, an open mind and a little of your love and heart to give.

I don't believe in handouts so I don't have a problem with working to secure a crazy spot in your special heart.

I don't have enough time to give you a full mental perspective of my morals, values, and principles but if you write me, I'll give you awareness.

Take care

Women, Donations
African American
1st° Murder
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