Tyrone Brewer Jr
Let's dance…

In this judgmental world, strangers seldom speak or even touch, but on a dance floor, two strangers can come together without a lot of questions. While the music plays, they can express a basic human need to hold, be held, be accepted, understand, and be understood. As strangers, I want to translate that music through ink and paper, express that some basic humans need conversation, like dancing, can be relaxing, comforting, and entertaining. It's necessary to have chemistry and an ear for the music. As I reach out to you, and you come without hesitation, not as a stranger who had only shared a smile, but as an open-minded woman, intrigued. Conversation begins.

Hi, it's hard to describe myself because I can't be labeled and put in a box. I'm versatile, meaning I'm wild but peaceful, intelligent but human, persistent but patient, genuine in conduct and character, confident, honest, and respectful, understanding and grounded. I have been raised on good morals and religious values. I can go on, but would rather you come to your own perception. Once the song and moment in time ended instead of her returning to her world and mine, the music begins again… And you are???
Tyrone Brewer Jr # R65327
Stateville Correctional Center 
P O Box 112 
Joliet, IL 60434 USA
African American
1st° Murder
Release Date
Could be Getting Out Any Day Now Becasue Under the Young Teenage Adult Act
Ad Start: 01-17-19
Ad Expiration:01-17-20