Ronnie Carpenter
I am a man of many flaws-in need of a (real) friend which is rare these days. 

My current situation ( being in prison) doesn't reflect my true character… I'm in need of a strong woman (friend) who is an independent thinker, open-minded & who will be willing to grow with me mentally, spiritually & emotionally as we travel and our life journey experiencing all the pros & cons of life living…

I am lookin for someone I can be able to converse with on many levels, who I can have a universal, educational & thought-provoking, with… I am not one track minded… I am a family man, I have a firm support system, I love music (mostly R&B)… Love to readin,writin which is also rare :) I'm humble & beyond mind game…

I have one child who is older now. I'm 34 years old… From Chicago, IL.

I hope this short intro give you justice in who I am & if not please feel free to write & ask me anything. I am an open book.

Hope to hear from you at mail call.

connectnetwork,com/faster response.

Ronnie Carpenter  # R-63910
Centralia Correctional Center 
P O Box 7711   
Centralia, IL 62801 USA
Women, Donations, Legal Help
African American
1st° Murder
Release Date
Ad Start: 09-03-20
Ad Expiration:09-03-21