How are you? I am writing because I have no one to write to. I am convicted of Criminal Secual Assault. I am sorry for the crime and I wish I could make amends for it. I’ve been locked up for 17 years and during my stay here, I have learned a lot. I am no longer that person I was when I got arrested, my whole life has changed.

I like to tell you this experience saved my life and I found Jesus in the process. I thought I would never change, but as I have sat down and totally surrendered myself to see the possibilities of being a better person and to help others. I am not much of a talker, but I must tell you my heart is outgoing and full of love, looking for someone to help me bring the best out of me. All my life I’ve been put aside, not having serious friends, but since I’ve found the Lord Jesus Christ, he’s teaching me how to live.

I yield my life to him, don’t get me wrong, I still make mistakes, but now I am learning to take a deep breath and ask God for help. It’s hard sometimes, but that gives me the push to excel more. When I keep myself in a positive way of life, my perspective gets wider and wider.

All I can say is I am all alone and I need someone. I am not asking for anything from you, just companionship and maybe a friend and someone to talk to. I hope you will take time and write to me, it will be worth your while.

Thank you and have a good day.


Ronald Robinson # R63073
P O Box 99
Pontiac   IL   61764   USA
Ronald Robinson
Women, Men, Friends
African American
Criminal Sexual Assault
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
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Ad Expiration:  02-17-23
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