Mario Ephraim
Mario Ephraim # R60677
Centralia Correctional Center
P O Box 7711
Centralia   IL   62801   USA
Hello ladies my name is Mario Ephraim most people call me Rio. I'm from the west side of Chicago. I attended Austin High School, brown skin complexion, brown eyes, 5’9, 190  pounds, looking to seek friends. I'm very humble, good sense of humor. I love smiling and communicating with people so if you are looking for somebody to vent to I'm definitely a good listener. I like going out on dates, bowling, game rooms, and restaurants. My favorite place to eat is a spot called Gibson Seafood. It is great.

I am very big on watching sports, basketball is my favor. I enjoy listening to Rap music. It turned me from 0 to 100 real quick. Also I love looking good, dressing nice is a must. Urban clothes like collar shirts, tight pants, Timberland, white ones, Airmax’s is my fashion. I like watching movies, action or scary. It really doesn't matter.

I'm attracted to good hearted women and also find women too. I'm into astrology signs so if you have an air sign we gonna be the best of friends. I’m a Libra. Fast cars are starting to get my attention. Sometimes going to clubs and bars is pretty dope. I like gambling at the casino, traveling is good. I've been to different states so if you’re interested hit me up. Also can text me everyday if you download GTL app and add me through connect Network so we can text.

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African American
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