Angelo Willis
Angelo Willis  # R59354   
P O Box 999 
Pinckneyville, IL 62274  USA
Excuse me Miss for daring you to show a little strength, patience.  

Without knowing who this is trying to tickle your thoughts; I hope you can read this with open mind.

I'm in search of a woman's company to connect with and see what may become of our conversations. I'm not trying to disrupt anything you have going on out there; I'm just trying to give you another option, someone who you can talk to who listens, pays close attention and were truly appreciate your presence and friendship. Someone who can make you smile, and laugh when you feel blue. I might be just a person to amaze you if given the opportunity!

"So who am I?"
I guess it all depends on your willingness to find out. Are you willing to take a chance and getting to know the stranger? If I were to share my thoughts if you me, would you give me a piece of your mind? Not much to go off of, I know, but maybe we can break the ice together, :) I will tell you that although I'm not judgmental, I prefer a good, strong personality over "other"features.

I have a bit of time on my hands and if you have some time to get to know me, entertain yourself, and show me you, then maybe we can make something out of that time. I hope you choose to be adventurous and see if I can touch you with words, laughter, and possibly more. Life is, after all, one big choice!

Look forward to hearing from you.
Take care!
Respectfully yours,
Angelo Willis
Women Only
African American, Puerto Rican
Don't Have One
Armed Robbery 05/06/23
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