Max McCoy
The greatest diamonds are products of endurance and great pressure.  I am a single man, 35 years old, 5 feet 6 inches,168 pounds of all muscle; with brown eyes and curly hair.  I am African American and Belizean.  I have a pretty boy, bad guy swag.  I am spontaneous out going, open minded, confident, and an inch away from being conceited.  I don't intend to play games, I am the honest type.  If I ever felt like I had to be fake in order to be accepted; I'd rather stay real and loose friendship.  It would be a small price to pay for a worthy cause.

One of the worlds most sought after secrets is happiness, I realize that happiness comes in many forms.  The happiness I seek comes in the form of a letter.  Words are powerful.  Words can be a new beginning for a person like you and me.  Are you woman enough to see with your beautiful eyes, beyond the mental scars that molded the presence of my life?  Are you woman enough to erase my faults and embrace a man who would do it all again & get it out the mud just to make you happy?  If I have managed to keep your interest, please pursue your curiosity.

Sincerely Spoken, MAX

When I Miss You I miss you when I'm buy myself instead of where you are.
I miss you when I'm all alone driving in my car.
I miss you when you're somewhere else and I got thoughts to share.
I miss you when I'm in the bunk all by myself.
I miss you when I need a hug and you are not around.
I miss you when our busy schedules keep us separated.
I miss you when I'm in the mood and you're not around.
I miss you when I'm with my friends and I'm not with you.
I miss you when you're outta town and not with me.
I miss you when you're any where besides with me.

Sincerely Spoken, MAX
Max McCoy # R-58593
Pontiac Correctional Center
700 W Lincoln Street
Pontiac   IL   61764   USA

Ad Start: 01-21-21
Ad Expiration: 01-21-22

African American,
Catholic Christian
Murder, Attempted Murder
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence