Milton Presley
Milton Presley  # R57672   
Lawrence Correctional Center 
10930 Lawrence Road   
Sumner, IL 62466 USA
What's up?

My name is Milton Presley a.k.a. Milly. I am 30 years old my birthday is St. Patrick's. I am Belizian and African American. I have two daughters both whom I cherish. My oldest being 11 my youngest being 3.

I am currently attending culinary arts classes, and have intentions of furthering my education upon my release to either become a chef or a legal assistant/paralegal. I love working out, writing, learning, and of course cooking.

I am seeking females of appropriate ages and all ethnicities who may be interested in furthering corresponding with me. I've never had a pen pal and this is very new to me. But, I would love to correspond with females about relationship goals, friendship goals, and pretty much whatever else there may be to talk about.

Sorry, I'm not big on pictures so this is the only one I have available at this time. I do have a Facebook and Instagram. So maybe upon us getting to know each other better that info can be divulged. Do understand that I appreciate any and all correspondence, so don't be shy. Hope to hear from you soon!


Women, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
Belizian African American
Possesson of Controved Substance Felon Poss of Firearms, Continuing Finiancial Crimes Enterprize (P.E. Fraud)
Release Date
02/05/20 Subject to Change
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